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Farewell Tumblr, Farewell Shippers

Well, Tumblr, 

It’s time to say goodbye.

This is a surprise for me, as well as you. My life is changing but it’s now changed to the point where it’s time for me to put away Tumblr and close down this blog. Perhaps some of you may have predicted this as even I was noticing I was becoming slower with updates?

I’ve enjoyed so much running and keeping this A/P blog up, to the very best of my abilities. I’ve put a chunk of my life and time into it just for the sole purpose that other A/P shippers would have place where their shipping needs were met—and it’s been my pleasure. :)

But I hope maturity in you will recognize my need to do this, even as sudden as this is, to make way for exciting life changes. I know I once mentioned to the gals (or boys ;P) at moonsofiego that I would keep this blog running for as long as I was alive. I apologize. That statement was very true at the time but my ridiculous promise did not equate life into the mix. Who can make promises about the unknown future?

So that being said I have every intention of leaving the blog up so the gallery doesn’t disappear with my disappearance. But my art blog is going. I have plans on creating a site to store my art instead of using Tumblr for it.

So I bid you adieu fellow shippers, fare thee well. It’s been an immense enjoyment to share all this artistic talent dedicated to my number one couple.

P.S. My on the side SW head project will be finished and sent out to the individual requester’s. <3

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Couple Requested by Queenofstarwars - 

- Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala

 I am used to drawing these two for my sister but now I was doing them as a requested couple. I decided to approach them as if I’ve never heard of them before so the perspective would be fresh and new. I guess it worked. I now see that I honestly love painting them, they are so fun to do and have an interesting chemistry together.

If you`d like to request a couple, you can do so here. (Requests now closed.) 

If you`d like to see the couples requested so far, you can view the list here.

Ahhhhhh!! You finished! 

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I’ve never seen this show, but it has approval in my books. :)

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In Fuerte Bulnes, Punta arenas.

Padmé by me

Anakin by my boyfriend

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Love is more than a candle. Love can ignite the stars.

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Artwork by FinnyCat

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PSC Sketch Card by Potratz and Hai

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(via tedywestside)

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