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Early in production of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, multiple garden concepts were created for the occasion of Anakin and Padmé's secret rendezvous meeting. These concept gardens were all created by the artist Erik Tiemens. In the book The Art of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, it talks about scene designs and how Erik first played with garden concepts on Naboo before the scene was later moved to Coruscant during production, with some elements even making it’s way to Kashyyyk.

"I was paying homage to George Inness, who went to Italy where he did a similar painting of a monk in a garden [Naboo Garden 06]. I was very excited to create a Romeo-and-Juliet element. It’s really the stress meeting between Anakin and Padmé [Naboo Garden 05].”  TIEMENS 

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"There are radical transformations in a woman during normal pregnancy: how much more intense would it be if her twin embryos were also filled with Force-laden midi-chlorians? Three unused story concepts (from top): Padmé’s waking visions of Mustafar: Padmé's sleepwalking manifestations of the Force: Padmé's agony as her body reacts against the midi-chlorians.” -Iain McCaig [x]

Yes, first time I read about this was at the library while surfing through the art book for Revenge of the Sith. I think this is what solidified fans head-cannon (I know mine did) that Padme had the force, even though these scene concepts went unused. Art of the Revenge had another quote by Iain McCaig:

"Padme has the Force flowing through her. She has more midi-chlorians than any person ever had because she’s pregnant with the Skywalker twins, so I was wondering if we see her suffer."

Just below that he explained George wanted a scene where Padme’s doubled over in agony and Yoda is there unable to help her. I found it all very fascinating, but actually what I found more interesting was on the same page there was a tiny image at the bottom of Anakin in a lava pit. The description read:

Key Frame 02 (Anakin rescued by droids on Mustafar. In Padmé's Dream) McCaig

It seems in early concept designs, Anakin wasn’t the only one having troubling nightmares about his beloved. 

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Okay, where do I begin!? 

These mega beautiful cards were handmade by a wonderful artist and good internet friend of mine—Teq-Uila (PileofSith), you know I’m talking about you! :D 

Ah, they are even more precious in real life then they were in your pictures (is that even possible??) The glittering outline around the characters can only truly be appreciated in person, a scanner can could never do it justice, but I did try. My sister and I went to library and tried multiple attempts just to get the shine just right but I still prefer looking at them in the palm of my hand. You’ll never know how much I’ll treasure your thoughtful gift. I need to get special cases for them so I can have them displayed in my art binder, then one day framed.

Happy End of Winter To You My Friend! 

P.S. The Attax cards were so cute! My sister is going to make another post with the ones you sent. She already told you which characters we got in the package, right? <3

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Why Do You Rob Banks?

Padme “Queen” Amidala: “It’s about socioeconomic redistribution- the laws of the republic essentiall allow banks to bully and rob the middle class and poor while feeding their own rich coffers.”

Anakin “Skyguy” Skywalker: “Because that’s where the money is.”

Star Wars AU where everyone is 1930’s gangsters because I love the clothes and music.  Also get to draw Padme and Anakin as classy-ass bank robbers.  and come up with dumb gangster nicknames for everyone. Still deciding whether or not to finish the background.

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I may never know where this came from. I think this might just be someone else’s coloring of Tom Hodges line-art because this doesn’t look like his color style. Then again I could always be wrong. It’s definitely old though, I can tell you that much. 

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 Characters of the Saga» Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones

This gif set is enough to convince me that AOTC is indeed my favorite Star Wars movie. (I struggled between Ep.2 and 3, but even 1 is amazing. Oh forget it, I love them all!)

(Source: , via thediamondwing)

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My first Anime picture ever. Hope it looks good on the website. The pictures is from the ending of the Clone wars episode arc:”Crisis at the Heart” , right after Anakin dropped Clovis…(I wished)I mean, Clovis let go of Anakin, so that Padme can be saved. This pictured showed them reuniting and I thought that it was epic with the smoke in the background and them being held peacefully in each others arms. Its done by me…Valerie S. Thanks for the opportunity.

Sorry it took a while to get this up <3. I guess now I’ve opened the doors to the Clovis arc, and from now on I will post content from it, though I have no plans to do so right away (still too sad for me!).

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Artwork of Anakin and Padme by せと (Santee) from Tegaki. She also has a Tumblr: setox8 and a Pixiv: Seto

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The votes are in, and here are the seven prompts for the first ever Anakin Skywalker x Padme Amidala ship week, Anidala Week 2014!

Join us and submit your works (fanart, fanfic, graphics, meta, fanvids and other creative awesomeness) beginning May the 4th.

Please read our guidelines/intro post for more details, reblog to spread the word, or send us an ask if you have any questions! MTFBWY <3

Yah! These are the themes most voted on for Anidala Week 2014, a big thanks to everyone who participated! Now then, what are you waiting for? Now that you know the prompts—hop to it and let your creative inspiration flow! <33

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